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IT Performance Management

    IT Performance Management

    IT leaders in health care today are under a magnifying glass. The good news is that investment in IT is up, but the bad news is that cost pressures are up even higher, and all eyes are on IT as the solution. Cost containment alone will not be able to solve today’s health system financial challenges; today’s IT leader also has to deliver value to the entire organization.

    How do you know if you are on track in choosing the right projects? And what resources should go where, with so many competing priorities? With increased scrutiny of how every amount is spent and what results are being achieved, understanding how to manage the value side of IT performance is essential to success.

    The most successful IT leaders demonstrate results in four value pillars:

    • Governance
    • Strategy
    • Value delivery
    • Communication

    Read the full briefing to learn more about these pillars and why they are necessary for IT success.

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