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Stay Up to Date: Caring for an aging population

2022/03/10 15:00:00
2022/03/10 16:00:00

March 10, 2022

3:00 PM - 4:00 PMAmerica/New_York

    About this Webinar

    Our current health care system was built for a much younger population with very different health needs. But despite initial concern about the implications of the aging Baby Boomer population (the first of which began aging into Medicare over ten years ago), the industry has been able to weather the transition so far surprisingly well.

    However, the incremental and opportunistic approaches to managing aging that we’ve seen to-date have produced a resourcing imbalance: we’re seeing enthusiastic investment in some segments of the older population, and a dire lack of funding and innovation for others. And purchasers and patients are now demanding much more meaningful change amid further deteriorations in affordability and patient experience. Join us on this episode of Stay Up to Date to learn more about the future of population aging, and what challenges—and opportunities—it will present for the health care industry in the coming decade.

    More on caring for seniors

    Explore the collection of resources that our team has developed to help you understand how the industry is currently caring for older adults (ages 65+), why change is essential, and how industry stakeholders can collaborate to build a better care model for seniors.

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