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Infusion market trends

2023/02/23 13:00:00

February 23, 2023

1:00 PMAmerica/New_York

    About this Webinar

    The infusion care market is poised for growth, driven by an aging population, a rise in chronic disease prevalence, and novel infusion treatments. At the same time, policy changes, growing competition, and new strategies for pricing and reimbursement are making the infusion landscape more complex.

    Join us to understand the trends influencing the infusion market and implications for major stakeholders across the industry.

    Things you’ll learn:

    • Which federal and state policies have the greatest influence on infusion care
    • How investments from new and old competitors are changing the infusion care landscape
    • What new treatment options are poised to shape infusion care economics

    Note: This webinar will run for 45 minutes.

    Presenters: Chloe Bakst and Lindsey Paul

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