Building a flexible RN workforce: Session Three

April 13, 2021

Virtual | 1 PM EST

    Session Overview

    Organizations cannot return wholesale to the nurse staffing approaches used prior to Covid-19. In addition to exposing staffing shortfalls, Covid-19 accelerated changes to the nursing workforce that will make it more challenging to staff as organizations once did. Moving forward, provider organizations need to build a flexible nursing workforce—one that includes different RN roles, locations, hours, and responsibilities—and balances the organization's needs and staff wants. Flexibility is the best strategy to staff with fewer FTEs and experienced nurses, while also actively retaining and attracting more nurses to the bedside role.

    In this session, attendees will:

    • Examine how Covid-19 accelerated changes to the nursing workforce, including what staff what and need from an employer
    • Understand what a flexible nursing workforce looks like in practice in the short and long term
    • Learn strategies to solve your organization's biggest staffing challenges

    Speaker: Carol Boston-Fleischhauer

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