State of the Union for Independent Single Specialty Groups

June 17, 2021

Virtual   ·   1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET

    Session Overview

    Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, physician executives across the country were grappling with myriad forces that threatened to upend traditional industry dynamics—including affordability pressures on all stakeholders, the evolution toward “managed consumerism,” primary care innovation at scale, and the adolescence of digital health. Now, Covid-19 is poised to accelerate these trends and create new financial challenges for providers.

    This interactive workshop, tailored to independent single specialty groups, provides an objective analysis of the impact of emerging trends on medical group strategy including how Covid-19, politics, the private sector, and more are shaping the future of physician practice. The workshop will offer facilitated opportunities to network with other independent single specialty group executives around these trends.

    Things You'll Learn

    After this session, participants will:

    • Understand how the Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping single specialty medical group strategy now and in the future
    • Articulate how players across the industry—including purchasers, providers, and technology firms—are beginning to respond to the market’s demand for affordability
    • Recognize the need for innovative cross-industry collaboration to deliver on the affordability mandate

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