The executive's role in fostering resilient, adaptive leaders

September 16, 2021

Virtual | 1-2:30 p.m. EST

    Session Overview

    Covid-19 brought to light that the current way we are asking our leaders to operate is not sustainable. While leaders have demonstrated tremendous resilience in response to the pandemic, many are experiencing burnout or leaving health care all together. Moreover, leaders must continue to operate in an increasingly uncertain and volatile environment well beyond the end of the pandemic. This reality requires a new set of leadership competencies, including creativity, vulnerability, collaboration, and systems awareness. Now is the time for executive teams to critically evaluate how they can create an environment that supports leaders who can adapt to the constantly changing environment ahead.

    During this workshop, you will engage with your executive peers to question what it means to be a health care leader today and to discuss how organizations can make leadership more sustainable, both during and beyond a crisis. For example, participants will discuss how to:

    • Encourage leaders to embrace vulnerability with their peers and team
    • Equip leaders with the information and permission to make tough trade-offs
    • Build in time for rest and recovery, even during a crisis

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