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Building Peer Accountability


    Why is peer accountability important?

    Frontline nurses are vital to the success of any organizational goal concerning patient care. However, all too often institutions pursue a one-off “campaign-style” approach to achieving buy-in for individual initiatives. With growing numbers of mission-critical priorities, organizations lack the time and resources to continue this approach.

    Instead, instilling great accountability at the front line is a fundamental step to improving quality. Beyond a commitment to providing excellent care, frontline nurses must feel individually accountable for larger institutional performance. The key to creating such a culture is peer accountability—when frontline nurses feel personally responsible for pursuing organizational goals and provide feedback on their peers’ contribution toward these efforts.

    Collaborating in the moment

    The first section of this study provides tools to help participants speak up and share meaningful, real-time feedback with peers.

    Just-in-time feedback

    This section of the study helps participants identify when—and how—to deliver actionable after-the-fact feedback to peers.

    Holistic peer evaluation

    The final section helps participants provide specific feedback on a peer’s practice across an extended time period.

    Access the full study to learn more

    Each resource can easily be executed individually or in conjunction with the other tools provided in the toolkit. Every tool includes an implementation guide, instructions for participating frontline nurses, evaluation criteria, and a discussion guide designed to reinforce key teaching points.

    By reading this study, members will learn:

    • How to teach frontline nurses to hold their peers accountable
    • How to introduce an effective annual peer review
    • How to help frontline nurses to feel comfortable sharing peer feedback in the moment
    • How to equip frontline nurses to deliver effective after-the-fact peer feedback
    • How to introduce joint bedside rounding

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