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Innovation at scale: 3 essentials to dispel the hype and realize the potential

    About this Webinar

    To tap into the potential of disruptive technology and partnerships—and avoid being disrupted themselves—hospitals and health systems are wading into the world of corporate innovation. In theory, the recent boom in innovation centers should help organizations to identify, incubate, and implement innovative solutions. In reality, however, innovation centers (both within and beyond health care) tend to be both over-hyped and under-leveraged; they are often celebrated—and paradoxically also bashed—far beyond what their actual track record would support.

    Drawn from the National Meeting Series, this session takes a step back to explore what it takes to innovate in ways that impact the organization in ways “big enough to matter”—which is the key to innovation ROI.

    After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to:

    • Explain core components of corporate innovation, both within health care and beyond.
    • Identify similarities and differences in innovation approaches at large incumbent organizations—such as health systems—compared to start-ups or technology companies.
    • Recognize common pitfalls and success factors for dedicated innovation functions in creating the conditions to scale innovation and maximize benefit and ROI for the organization as a whole.
    • Help position their organization to tap into the potential of innovative technologies and partnerships to reduce cost, raise quality, and compete more effectively in a changing health care market.

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