How to address root causes of social determinants of health

    About this Webinar

    This session aims to help health care leaders reframe the ambition of inflecting the social determinants of health. We'll define the major roles that providers can play in partnership with the communities they serve and highlight exemplary stories of impact. We’ll animate the interactive conversation with a series of brief video clips examining how one leading health system partners with their community to address the root causes of social determinants of health.

    Three things members will learn:

    • Scope what objectives providers should strive to achieve—and in what time frames
    • Examine the different ways provider organizations can address the social determinants that influence health outcomes
    • Distill the keys to success—and pitfalls to avoid—from the experiences of leaders in the field

    Additional Materials:

    How Rush University Medical Center is addressing the root causes of social determinants of health

    The field guide for defining providers' role in addressing social determinants of health

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