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Health plan strategic outlook emerging from Covid-19

    About this Webinar

    Amid the Covid-19 epidemic today, health plans are focused on keeping their staff safely running operations, directing scared and vulnerable members to the right care options, and helping provider organizations sustain operations.

    But the toughest road for plans lies ahead. A spike in emergency care and deferrals of chronic care management will bring adverse impacts on member health and utilization patterns that can linger into the next year. Exhausted providers will need to regain their financial footing--with potential implications for consolidation, value-based care, and rate negotiation. And purchasers will make difficult decisions about staffing and benefit offerings, leading to dramatic churn in enrollment and demand for consumer-friendly but low-cost benefit innovations.

    Join us to learn where health plan strategy leaders are focused over the next few months as they navigate the epidemic and what lingering implications will demand new focus.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • The latest updates on the nation's Covid-19 epidemic response
    • How health plans are supporting members, providers, and purchasers through the epidemic
    • Key business strategy considerations emerging for health plans for the coming year

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