How Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Revamped their Performance Assessment Process to Support Continuous Conversations

    About this Webinar

    Darrell Sewell, Vice President Facilities & Chief Human Resources Officer at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, will discuss his experience leading an organisational shift toward more continuous performance conversations, including: doing away with the annual performance review, leading a committee to explore performance management best practices, developing tools to educate leaders, rolling out a new performance assessment system, regular evaluation and ongoing education needs, and driving lasting cultural change that significantly improved workforce engagement levels and increased levels of patient experience.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • The Cultural “hook” used to support the Strategy
    • How RVH changed their performance assessment processes
    • How RVH determined appropriate cadence of performance conversations
    • Strategies RVH has used to promote productive performance conversations
    • Measuring the results
    • Lessons learned and how they plan to evolve their process moving forward

    Presenters: Barret Jefferds with Darrell Sewell

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