2020 Oncology Medicare Reimbursement Update

    About this Webinar

    Join this webinar to hear an analysis of the most significant changes in 2020 Medicare payment for cancer services. We'll provide updates on site neutrality, 340B, and physician supervision. We'll also cover in-depth reimbursement changes for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and imaging delivered in hospital-based settings.

    Important: Please note that this webinar will differ from years past in that we will spend the majority of our time on hospital outpatient reimbursement and less time on Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Performance Program updates.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How Medicare reimbursement for outpatient cancer services will change in 2020
    • How changes in reimbursement and regulations are affecting hospital-based cancer programs
    • How to proactively adjust your cancer program strategy and operations

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