How health systems are evolving their approach to value analysis – and what it means for suppliers

    About this Webinar

    While health system leaders agree on the importance of evolving their value analysis processes, an organization’s ability to execute on those shared goals can vary significantly. As a result, value analysis committees are a moving target and suppliers’ task of navigating the value analysis process is all the more challenging. In this webinar, we’ll explore how VACs have evolved over the last three years, where health systems may look to their committees next, and what factors may help or hinder that progress for any given organization. Throughout, we’ll discuss the implications for provider-supplier relationships and offer tactics to help suppliers understand and work with range of VACs.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Overview of providers’ vision of VAC maturity and health system efforts to achieve those goals to date
    • Analysis of factors that have prevented progress and those that may encourage further maturation moving forward
    • Implications for the provider-supplier relationship and a road map for refining suppliers’ approach to value analysis

    Presenter: Jessie Goldman

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