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How Physicians Can Help Rein in Costs

    About this Webinar

    Health systems nationwide are facing considerable downward pressure on their operating margins. Reimbursement cuts, shifts in payer and case mix, and rising bad debt all require health systems to focus on managing enterprise costs to achieve long-term financial sustainability. Few organizations, however, have looked to their physicians as partners in their cost-containment strategy.

    But with health systems reaching the limits of their traditional cost management tactics, engaging physicians in cost control is becoming an increasingly important part of the margin management playbook. This presentation provides practical guidance for reducing the cost of clinical variation by establishing expected clinical practice and translating standards into frontline care delivery.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Understand the importance of effective physician partnership in a system-wide cost-management strategy
    • Organize the clinical enterprise to uphold clinical quality and support enterprise costs goals
    • Establish a clinical governance model that accelerates speed, amplifies impact, and ensures practicality when designing and deploying clinical standards
    • Create the right environment and incentives to motivate physicians to adopt cost-conscious clinical behavior

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