The Future of Health System Pharmacy

    About this Webinar

    Disruption in the health care industry is creating new opportunities for health system pharmacy leaders to step up and show their value as strategic partners. To do so, pharmacy leaders need to broaden their focus from pharmacy-specific challenges and instead demonstrate how pharmacy supports larger health system strategic priorities.

    In this webconference, we'll examine pharmacy solutions across three categories:

    • Major demographic shifts impacting care delivery, volumes, and financing
    • Outside disruptors competing for traditional health system business
    • Consumers driving heightened focus on value

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Insights about the top trends impacting the health care industry
    • Implications of those trends for health system pharmacy
    • Pharmacy-led strategies to innovate and respond to disruptive trends

    Presenter: Rebecca Tyrrell and Colleen Keenan

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