The 3 Biggest Governance Problems Facing Health Systems (and How to Fix Them)

    About this Webinar

    Most health systems are spending significant time and effort on governance activities without realizing full potential return on that effort. The good news is that this problem is fixable. If management teams and boards can punch through layers of convention practice, make targeted structural changes, and bridge the political and emotional pitfalls that crop up along the way, the system as a whole will benefit.

    This webconference walks through three most common, consequential--and yet fixable--governance problems that hospitals and health systems tend to have, and shares case studies of organizations that are making progress against these problems. The webconference will also orient participants to a new set of board-related resources available for them to use.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How to expand your approach to governance effectiveness, moving beyond conventional, general-functionality practices and zeroing in on the specific contributions that the board can most usefully make at your organization today
    • How to revamp board education, meeting management, and recruitment to ensure highest-value use of board time and effort
    • Emerging structural models to integration and 'systemness' across system and legacy entity boards and committees

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