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Ontario Accountable Care Intensive

    About this Webinar

    Accountable care isn’t a new concept; 8 years of experiments in the US have led to hundreds of new programmes, and the UK is underway with its own version of the model. And now, Ontario is considering its adoption as well. As the new government grapples with what its new policy will look like, hospitals and planners are scrambling to prepare for what seems like an inevitable reality.

    Make no mistake about it, operating in anything resembling an accountable care organisation is incredibly difficult work. But it’s important for fast-followers and even healthy sceptics to understand the dynamics of this new model. To that end, the Global Forum for Health Care Innovators is pleased to invite our Ontario members to an Accountable Care Intensive exclusively for them, to learn the latest trends in ACO development and lessons that directly lead to pioneer successes or failures.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • What an accountable care organisation is and is not
    • A history of US and UK accountable care organisations, including their successes and pitfalls
    • No-regrets areas of focus to maximise your probability of success

    Presenter: Paul Trigonoplos

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