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How to Scale Team-Based Primary Care

    About this Webinar

    As health systems take on ever more risk--whether by choice or mandate--it's becoming clear that succeeding under value-based care requires a strong primary care network to help patients manage existing conditions and stay out of the hospital.

    The team-based approach of the advanced medical home has become a staple of effective primary care delivery. Leading organizations recognize that to meet the full range of their patients' needs in a sustainable way requires a diverse skillset and tailored workflows. But providers still face challenges around financing these team members and determining the right deployment model to maximize their impact.

    This webconference will make the argument for team-based primary care and offer insight into different ways to allocate extended members of the primary care team across your network to meet your goals at scale.

    Join us for this webconference to inform your primary care transformation strategy.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • A case for integrated behavioral health, care management, pharmacy, and non-clinical support in primary care
    • Guidance around deploying extended care team members across a network
    • Case studies of how leading organizations have approached primary care staffing rationalization

    Presenter: Abby Burns

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