State of the Union 2018

    About this Webinar

    With a new administration firmly in place, Congress has taken steps to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act—but the effort remains incomplete. While the political winds continue to shift, executives must set course amid a new wave of health reforms.

    But government action is only one mandate for change. Shifting patient demographics and growing out-of-pocket responsibilities also threaten provider economics. The recent proliferation of mega-mergers and renewed focus on vertical integration have given rise to different-in-kind delivery systems—and new competitors. And new market entrants are building from scratch without the legacy assets and cost structures that incumbent hospitals and health systems possess.

    Join Ford Koles to hear the 2018 State of the Union, Advisory Board's objective analysis of the most important trends impacting provider strategy today.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • What the potential for outside disruption means for the industry
    • How the current trend toward mega-mergers and vertical integration could impact providers
    • Which policy developments stand to have the biggest near-term implications

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