Spotlight Cracks in the Care Environment

    About this Webinar

    Part I of this three-part series summarizes the 2018 Nursing Executive Center national meeting presentation "Rebuild the Foundation for a Resilient Workforce." In this session, we introduce the four cracks in the care environment that are undermining nurse resilience. We will also discuss strategies for addressing two of the four cracks by surfacing and addressing frontline perceptions of "unsafe" staffing and making emotional support "opt out" only.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The four cracks in today's care environment that are undermining nurse resilience
    • Strategies to make emotional support "opt out" only to support staff's emotional wellbeing in the short- and long-term
    • How staffing-related moral distress affects resilience and what strategies you can leverage to surface and address frontline perceptions of "unsafe" staffing

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