Restore Nurse Camaraderie on the Unit

    About this Webinar

    Part III of this three-part series summarizes the 2018 Nursing Executive Center national meeting presentation "Rebuild the Foundation for a Resilient Workforce." The unintended consequence of electronic documentation and efficient care delivery is that nurses spend more time working in isolation, with limited opportunities to meaningfully connect with their nursing peers. This sense of isolation is worsened when incivility or bullying are present on the unit.

    In this session, we’ll share best practices to restore nurse camaraderie on the unit by identifying and addressing incivility hot spots and reconnecting nurses through storytelling.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to leverage float nurses in the identification of units with incivility and bullying
    • How to engage staff in setting standards of behavior on their unit
    • How to reconnect nurses through storytelling

    Presenter: Karl Whitemarsh

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    Download PDF 90-Second Storytelling Template

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