Nurse-Led Cost Savings

    About this Webinar

    Organizations around the world share a critical challenge: budgets have been tightening in real terms year-after-year, with no end in sight. When hospital executives seek necessary cost cuts and efficiency gains, nursing is often seen as a big target for savings. As such, Chief Nursing Officers need innovative strategies to find savings, including enhancing their current workforce’s productivity, rather than being forced to cut staff.

    Sara Moehrle, a consultant for the Global Centre for Nursing Executives and the Nursing Executive Center, walks through what you can do to help address this important problem. She will discuss lessons learned from our recent research, and will also review our toolkit built to help you take action at your organization.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The common pitfalls that make it difficult to precisely match staffing to patient demand
    • Executive strategies to enhance staffing productivity and achieve sustainable cost savings without resorting to cutting full-time equivalents
    • How to take action on our recommended strategies with our cost savings toolkit

    Presenter: Sara Moehrle

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