How to Conduct a Nurse Manager Time Audit and Identify Gap to Goal

    About this Webinar

    Nurse Managers have busy schedules and frequently get absorbed by time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, and budgeting. To restructure their role, executives need to assess exactly how nurse managers are using their time. Only then will organizations be able to determine what activities can be delegated and what support is necessary to ensure nurse managers can provide necessary oversight in their units while helping to achieve organizational goals.

    In this session, learn how to use the Nurse Unit Manager Time Audit and Performance Gap Analysis toolkit to identify areas of need and gaps between your priorities and your managers’ priorities.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to access the Nurse Unit Manager Time Audit and Performance Gap toolkit
    • How to administer a nurse manager time audit
    • How to interpret time audit results to identify your gap to goal

    Presenter: Madeleine Langr

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