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Clinical Innovations in Surgical and Interventional Oncology

    About this Webinar

    Over two-thirds of cancer patients receive surgery as a component of their first course of cancer treatment; as a result, surgery is a critical component of any comprehensive cancer program. While there have been few game-changing technologies developed in recent years, evidence demonstrating that higher volumes lead to improved outcomes grows, underscoring the importance of providing patients access to specialized, high-volume surgeons and hospitals.

    In contrast, far fewer cancer patients receive interventional oncology procedures. However, interventional oncology procedures can provide both palliative and curative treatment to a growing number of patients. In addition, interventional oncology has the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase satisfaction, differentiate the cancer program, and lower costs.

    Listen to our webconference to hear technology overviews and best practices for ensuring high-quality surgical and interventional oncology care.

    What You'll Learn:

    • Overview and adoption of new innovations
    • How to improve surgical oncology quality by setting minimum procedure volumes and standardizing processes
    • Tactics to engage interventional radiology as a partner in cancer care

    Presenters: Ashley Riley and Kate Wister

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