How Valley Health Used Low-Cost, High-Yield Strategies to Decrease Point-of-Care Violence

    About this Webinar

    Violence and point-of-care safety threats are now commonplace in health care settings, with a 110% increase in reported incidents of violence against health care workers over the past 10 years. As a result, many frontline clinicians don’t feel safe at work. To address this, clinical and security leaders at Valley Hospital rolled out a three-pronged approach of low-cost, high-yield safety strategies, including a staff-driven de-escalation team.

    In this session, Valley Health leaders will discuss how they developed a cost-effective safety strategy that helped decrease workplace injuries from violence.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The key roles that comprise Valley Health's "Code Atlas" frontline de-escalation team
    • The typical response pattern the team follows when activated
    • How Valley Health ensures frontline responders are expert de-escalators

    Presenters: Karl Whitemarsh, Advisory Board; Daniel Coss, Director of Security and Public Safety at Valley Health; Patrice Wilson, Director of Operations at Valley Health

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