Learn How to Put Behavioral-Based Interviewing Into Practice

    About this Webinar

    Health care is in the midst of another labor shortage. Vacancies are on the rise and the national health care turnover rate is trending steadily upward. All too often, the reason employees leave is because they were a bad fit for the organization. That is why it is critical to hire candidates for organizational fit—not just technical skill. One of the best ways to determine if someone will be right for your organization is through behavioral-based interviewing (BBI).

    But implementation can be tricky—requiring extensive time, resources, and training efforts. In this presentation, you’ll learn strategies to cut through the complexity and take the steps needed to design, introduce, and sustain BBI at your organization.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to build customized BBI interview templates for the behavioral competencies that are most critical for a particular role
    • Strategies to deal with difficult candidates and improve BBI performance
    • Resources to ensure managers are ready to carry out BBI

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