Cultivating Effective Physician Leaders

    About this Webinar

    Despite the importance of strong physician leadership, it is a continued area of weakness for many hospitals and health systems. Two key challenges make it difficult for organizations to develop effective physician leaders. First, demand is greater than supply, making it difficult to find physicians interested in leadership roles. Second, existing physician leaders are often elevated to leadership roles because of their clinical ability, not leadership ability.

    Together, these dual challenges create a vicious cycle. Without enough leaders, organizations are forced to elevate physicians lacking key skills. Doing so often results in underperformance and burnout, making leadership roles even more difficult to fill the next time around. To break the cycle, organizations need to revisit their approach and make key investments to identify (and support) high-potential leaders.

    View this one-hour session to learn best practices to enhance your formal leadership development efforts and strengthen your physician leader ranks.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How to identify (and invest in) high-potential leaders within your medical staff
    • How to structure physician leadership development training organization-wide
    • How to establish strategic coaching partnerships to develop physician leaders internally

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