How to Build Your HR Strategic Plan

    About this Webinar

    Many HR leaders struggle to communicate the value of HR to the rest of the executive team. HR initiatives are often relegated to HR staff to own, and often lack the resources and support of other organization-wide initiatives. In order for HR to effectively communicate the value of HR, you need to clearly link HR strategy to the organization's strategic goals. Each HR objective, and corresponding initiatives, should directly and explicitly advance one of your organization's strategic goals.

    In this 30-minute presentation, an HR Advancement Center expert will share our new customizable HR strategic plan templates that will help you construct a clear, aligned strategic plan that will clearly communicate the value of HR initiatives by showing how they advance your organization's top priorities. During the webconference, you’ll learn how to avoid common pitfalls of strategic planning and how to access and customize the strategic plan templates.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to customize a strategic plan to target your organization’s top opportunities
    • How to tie opportunities to specific metrics mapped to each of your objectives
    • Potential initiatives and related HR Advancement Center resources to advance each of your objectives

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    How to Build Your HR Strategic Plan

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