Unlocking Radical Growth: Moving Beyond Incremental Approaches to Revenue Expansion

    About this Webinar

    What is the appropriate scale for a health system? Should you aspire to become a $5 billion, $10B, or even a $20B organization? As mega-mergers become increasingly frequent, health system executives ask this question with newfound urgency. But scale is not an end unto itself; there is no magic number that guarantees long-run relevance and influence. However, most systems will require radical growth to keep pace with local, regional, and national competitors.

    Unlocking Radical Growth starts by examining the strategic rationale for outsized growth and illustrating the importance of scale and integration within local markets. Next, the presentation identifies major sources of potential growth within markets with a focus on generating value through systemness. Finally, the presentation examines whether, when, and how to expand outside of current markets in a sustainable manner.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How to set appropriate scale and growth targets for their organization based on their strategic goals
    • Evaluate asset-driven growth opportunities available within current geographies
    • Identify and prioritize opportunities for radical growth through geographic expansion

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