How to Save $1.5M by Identifying High-Risk Pregnancies Early

    About this Webinar

    Timing is crucial in care management. Early identification could mean the difference between a healthy, low-cost member and a sick, high-cost member.

    Health Partners Plan created a process for weekly data pulls to identify high-risk pregnancies quickly. HPP decreased the risk of a low birth weight baby by 14% and saved $1.5M in the first three months of this program alone.

    With Advisory Board's tactic implementation support, plans will get access to tools and implementation support, receive insights on pace benchmarks, and learn from peers’ barriers and successes. Attendance at this webconference is mandatory to qualify for implementation support.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Best practice on reducing the number of high-risk pregnancies
    • How to save $1.5M with pregnancy care management
    • Support to implement the program at your organization

    Presenter: Sally Kim

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