2017 Imaging Market Update

    About this Webinar

    The health care system is moving into the outpatient space to meet consumer needs - and imaging is at the forefront of this shift. At the same time, Medicare and commercial payers as well as patients are pushing aggressively for outpatient imaging to be offered at lower prices.

    How should imaging providers respond to the pressure to increase capacity while reducing prices? How should 2018 reimbursement and regulatory updates affect their strategy? Join us to learn how we saw outpatient imaging care evolve in 2017, and what the 2018 Medicare Final Rules for hospital and physician reimbursement will mean for your organizations.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Why the market is moving toward outpatient imaging
    • How providers can respond to pressures from Medicare and commercial payers to offer lower-priced imaging services
    • How to prepare for implementation of the Clinical Decision Support mandate in 2019

    Presenter: Erin Lane

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