The Manager's Guide to Engaging Staff

    About this Webinar

    Engaged staff don’t just enjoy their jobs and their workplace—they’re inspired to do their best work, and they’re willing to go above and beyond to help their organization succeed. Health care organizations with higher levels of staff engagement have higher patient satisfaction scores, better staff retention, and a stronger culture of safety.

    Managers have a tremendous impact on their team’s engagement. They directly influence whether team members feel recognized for their work, have opportunities to develop new skills, and understand how their work contributes to your organization’s mission.

    In this webconference, an HR Advancement Center expert will demonstrate how to use our toolkit to help managers make the most of their opportunities to engage their staff, based on tried-and-true best practices and our work with hundreds of organizations that use Advisory Board's engagement survey.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to strengthen your relationship with staff by hosting meaningful one-on-one conversations.
    • How to recognize your staff’s achievements and show them that you value their individual contributions to the team
    • Strategies to promote teamwork and help staff build strong relationships with each other

    Presenter: Margot Peterson

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