State of the Union 2017: Health System Strategy in the Next Era of Reform

    About this Webinar

    Evolving health care consumers and competitors have set a new standard for convenience, service, and affordability. The shift in patient demographics and health care consumption patterns are certain to threaten financial sustainability and motivate change at the frontlines.

    Are you looking for an objective analysis of the next era of health care reform so you can best prepare? We can help. Join us to learn no-regrets priorities that position providers for long-term success regardless of the political climate.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Understand the latest health policy developments from the Trump administration and Congress—and which reforms substantively impact provider strategy.
    • Realize the impact of shifting patient demographics and clinical needs on the future of hospitals’ and health systems’ business model and asset configuration.
    • Recognize the need for dramatic system transformation to meet emerging imperatives for cost control, clinical transformation, and economies of scale.

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