Close the Housing Gap Through Strategic Partnerships

    About this Webinar

    Clinical outcomes depend on more than just quality, accessible health care—that’s why leading population health managers, hospitals, and health systems are investing in non-clinical support for their most at-risk patients. One of the most pressing non-clinical patient needs is accessing healthy, safe, and stable housing. By taking a "housing first" approach to patient management, provider organizations can measure significant downstream cost savings in decreased utilization. However, no organization needs to address housing barriers alone.

    In this webconference, we reviewed the range of partnership models that provider organizations can form to improve security housing for their patients and communities alike.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • National trends on homelessness and its impact on health care utilization and costs
    • Five in-depth case studies of successful housing partnerships across patient identification, staffing, services provided, and partnership formation
    • Key considerations for the formation of housing partnerships and a housing program assessment to determine next steps across interventions

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