Driving Loyalty to the Health System Platform

    About this Webinar

    The second of a two-part series focused on consumer loyalty, this presentation explores how to generate loyalty to the health system platform by delivering more value to patients and establishing trust-based relationships. Health systems can strengthen relationships with patients by offering consumers a return on their investment in loyalty, such as health motivating rewards, direct-to-consumer memberships, or value-based insurance design models. Further, leading health systems are striving for trust-based relationships with their consumers. These relationships are difficult for competitors to replicate, offering some of the most durable bonds between health systems and their consumers.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How to evaluate options for delivering on ROI to consumers to encourage their commitment to the system
    • How to cultivate consumer champions and cement long-term loyalty by establishing trust-based relationships
    • Why consumer loyalty is a no-regrets strategy regardless of business model

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