How to Make the Most of Your Cancer Care Team

    About this Webinar

    In ten years, cancer care will look remarkably different. To ensure continued success, cancer program leaders must immediately start considering how their staffing needs will change over the coming years.

    First, program leaders need to ensure that they are maximizing their limited resources. Too often, highly-paid staff are not practicing to the full extent of their education and training, spending their valuable time doing tasks that could be performed by someone else.

    And with the growing number of complex, comorbid patients, cancer program leaders cannot afford to only focus on staffing issues within the cancer center. They must also consider how to best manage patient transitions in and out of the hospital, as well as management of patients with multiple chronic diseases.

    In this excerpt from our 2016 National Meeting presentation The Cancer Care Team of the Future, we covered:

    • Strategies to ensure top-of-license practice.
    • Ways to leverage allied health professionals.
    • Tactics to improve patient transitions.

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