How to Give Individuals and Teams the Feedback They Need to Improve

    About this Webinar

    If managers want to drive their team’s performance, they need to give staff timely, actionable feedback. To accomplish this, many companies encourage managers to have monthly check-ins with each of their employees. However, managers in health care typically don’t have the bandwidth to have regular one-on-ones with all of their direct reports, since they may have 40 or more team members.

    In this webconference, you’ll learn a health care-specific approach to ensuring employees receive the feedback they need outside of the annual review—without overloading managers. We discussed how to help managers have high-quality, periodic check-ins with their staff and give you guidance on reinforcing the importance of check-ins. Then, we shared how managers can fill in the gaps between those periodic one-on-ones with team-based coaching.

    What You'll Learn:

    • How to help managers match the questions they ask during a check-in conversation to an employee’s performance
    • How to put guardrails in place to reinforce the importance of one-on-one check-ins
    • How to help managers leverage time they are already spending with their teams to reinforce performance expectations

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