Health Care Reform Beyond the ACA: The Implications of a Consumer-Driven Marketplace

    About this Webinar

    The second part of the Health Care Advisory Board’s latest “State of the Union” shifts focus from the federal government to the private sector and explains how changes in commercial health insurance have catalyzed the empowered health care consumer. Today’s consumers have both the financial motivation and knowledge necessary to reward providers who can efficiently fulfill their health care needs, and a broad array of non-traditional competitors are setting the new competitive standard for access, service, and convenience.

    This presentation explores the drivers and implications of this new consumer-driven marketplace, especially the unprecedented levels of financial exposure, transparency, and choice. The presentation also includes the latest strategic guidance on how hospital and health system leaders should proceed amid uncertainty.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How increasing cost and quality transparency and greater beneficiary cost exposure are creating a true consumer-centric marketplace for health care services
    • How non-traditional competitors are reshaping how health care is both purchased and delivered to meet consumer’s demands for accessibility and affordability
    • No-regrets priorities that position hospitals and health systems for long-term success regardless of the political climate

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