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How States Utilize Waivers to Reform Medicaid

    About this Webinar

    At the same time many states are considering Medicaid reforms, new HHS Secretary Tom Price has signaled the administration’s intent to expand use of waiver authority to grant states flexibility. States use these waivers to modify both coverage and care delivery requirements in Medicaid, potentially impacting provider strategy, finances, and operations.

    This on-demand presentation provides an overview of waivers that are available, the Medicaid reform goals that states often pursue, and the evolution of reform models over time. We also highlight case studies of several states that have already used waivers to align their Medicaid programs with local priorities.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • Early results and lessons from innovative state-level Medicaid reforms
    • Trends in impact of new Medicaid models on providers
    • Key Medicaid reform developments to watch in the future

    Presenter: Eric Cragun and Kathryn Martucci

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