The 2017 State of the Union: Health Care Reform Beyond the ACA

    About this Webinar

    The Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress have big plans to repeal and replace the ACA, causing tremendous uncertainty in the health care industry.

    To help health care leaders navigate this uncertainty, this webconference focuses on what we know now about the repeal and replacement plan, as well as what we can expect in the weeks and months to come. Additionally, at this critical juncture point for the future of the ACA, it is only fitting to pull up and reflect on the successes and failures of the ACA as a whole across the past eight years.

    We'll cover:

    • The new administration: What is the ACA repeal and replacement plan and timeline and how will it impact coverage expansion and payment transformation?
    • Pulse check on the Affordable Care Act: Has it accomplished its goals?
    • Navigating uncertainty: What are the "no regrets" strategies health care leaders can focus on in this era of change?

    On-demand webconferences are not eligible for a CEU certificate. For more information, please contact webconferences@advisory.com.

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