Develop a Best-in-Class Cancer Genetic Counseling Program

    About this Webinar

    With the explosion in genetic testing, there are more opportunities than ever to proactively identify high-risk patients and provide preventative care—but there are also more opportunities to confuse patients, order inappropriate tests, and misinterpret test findings. In fact, studies have shown that as many as half of all genetic tests ordered are inappropriate.

    Genetic counselors are an integral component of health care teams moving forward; however, given limited reimbursement and a national shortage in trained professionals, organizations often struggle to ensure patient access to genetic counseling.

    Join us, along with experts from the National Society of Genetic Counselors, as we discuss the growing importance of genetic counseling. Tune in to learn:

    • National cancer genetic counseling benchmarks, including staffing, volumes, and reimbursement
    • How Invision Sally Jobe integrates genetic counseling into the breast cancer screening process
    • How St. Joseph Hospital provides genetic counseling to their cancer patients
    • Strategies to implement and optimize genetic counseling at your organization


    Mary Freivogel, MS, CGC
    President Elect, National Society of Genetic Counselors
    Genetic Counselor, Invision Sally Jobe

    Sandra Brown, MS, LCGC
    Program Manager, Cancer Genetic Counselor
    St. Joseph Hospital

    Deirdre Saulet
    Senior Consultant
    Advisory Board Company

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