EMR Benefits and Benefit Realization Methods of Stage 6 and 7 Hospitals

    Report | Doug Thompson and Anantachai Panjamapirom, The Advisory Board Company, and Jennifer Horowitz and Lorren Pettit, HIMSS Analytics | Feb. 17, 2012

    New evidence shows promising benefits of EMR implementations. 33 CIOs of hospitals with advanced EMR systems participated in the survey to share their insights about the benefits attained from EMR implementations and the methods they used to realize those benefits.

    The survey results indicate that the promise of improved quality and effectiveness is the dominant driver for the organizations to adopt EMRs. Hospitals with advanced EMR systems report achieving a wide range of EMR adoption benefits, including clinical quality enhancement, patient safety improvement, and operational efficiencies. While deploying a number of benefit realization strategies, hospitals with defined explicit benefit targets are more likely to realize those benefits.

    This report is the first look into the data we collected, and we hope to gain even more insights from these hospitals through further individual interviews.

    This research is a collaborative effort between The Advisory Board Company and HIMSS Analytics.

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