Expert perspectives on the retail revolution

Our experts weigh in on what the new retail market looks like and how provider organizations need to adjust their strategies to position themselves for success.

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The rise of health care consumerism has been a cliché for decades, but progress has been halting at best—until now.

Propelled by high-deductible health care plans and the Obamacare exchanges, the retail market for health care delivery seems to have arrived. We’ve seen ample evidence of new “retail purchasers," from patients shopping for low-price imaging exams to employees carefully selecting plans on the exchanges.

In this issue, we explore what the new retail market looks like and how health care provider organizations need to adjust to position themselves for success.

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David Willis

4 challenges every health system leadership team is talking about

No matter the market, health system leaders have a similar set of concerns. David Willis explains what they boil down to.  Read post

What do we really mean when we say 'retail'?

If you only think of storefront clinics, you're missing the real transformation. Rob Lazerow explains five major market changes to note. Read post

What do consumers want from primary care?

We asked 4,000 consumers what they’re looking for when choosing a clinic for a low-acuity illness. Alicia Daugherty explains key findings. Read post

Ben Umansky

Where population health and consumer-driven care intersect

Ben Umansky discusses three win-win strategies for a population health and retail market. Read post

Rivka Friedman

What medical groups can learn from Chipotle

Fast food's "have it your way" approach could be your solution to appointment scheduling. Rivka Friedman explains. Read post

Patient access means something different to everyone—but all agree it's essential

Michael Koppenheffer digs into the latest health care buzzword. Read post

Lisa Bielamowicz

Traditional primary care, meet the 2015 model

Lisa Bielamowicz explains what stood out during her recent visit to a Walgreens Take Care clinic, especially relative to conventional physician practices or other retail clinics. Read post

Hey, hospitals: It’s time to get real about being 'patient-centric'

Alicia Daugherty weighed in on Walmart’s move to open primary care clinics—and her comments provoked a stir. Read post

Rivka Friedman

What docs fear most about retail clinics

With a few notable exceptions, the physician we’ve spoken to feel threatened by corporate retail operators. Rivka Friedman explains why. Read post

The coming specialization of primary care

Progressive organizations are saying farewell to the generalist PCP model and embracing the specialization of primary care, asking PCPs to assume one of four roles. Rob Lazerow explains each. Read post

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