Need to know what you're spending in the OR?

Finding the right answers is harder than you think

Find the right answer to what you're spending in the OR

Surgical Profitability Compass can help you find your cost reduction opportunities.

For a hospital administrator trying to control costs in the OR, buy-in from surgeons can be the difference between success and failure.

To engage surgeons in a meaningful discussion about OR costs, executives first need to get accurate details of what they’re spending. Unfortunately, the tools available to most administrators, like chargemasters, aren't up to the task.

The answers you need can be found only by combining detailed data from two databases: OR information system item utilization and the materials management item master. Download the infographic to learn the difference between true supply cost data and chargemaster data, and find out how Surgical Profitability Compass can help you fill in the gaps.

Download the infographic

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