2014 Excellence in Innovation Award winner: Eastern Maine Medical Center

Impact Highlights


In realized savings


Proportion of all master items reviewed


Number of preference cards updated

15% decrease

Average reduction in supply cost per case across all surgeries

Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC), a 344-bed hospital in Bangor, Maine, was building a new OR tower during the 2013-2014 year and faced major capital outlays associated with the project.The surgery department committed to a $4M goal in reducing supply costs.

Key challenges it faced included tracking true supply costs with the necessary level of resolution—work that was seriously hampered by item-master inaccuracies.

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EMMC used Surgical Profitability Compass to help with its cost-reduction challenge by developing a few pieces of critical infrastructure to use across a broad range of surgical procedures. In this way, a handful of interventions produced large-scale savings.

While the crucial enabling element of this approach was the revision of the ORs’ item master, measures taken to put that data to use were equally important. One such measure was the “automation” of savings through protocols governing preference cards.

Another was the deployment of data with its surgeons, including a policy of immediately responding to any surgeon questions regarding the accuracy or meaning of their measures.

As a result, the hospital achieved $3M in supply cost reduction over six months.

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