Growing the most profitable procedures

Surgical profitability about quality—not quantity

Volume growth has long been the ticket to surgery profitability, but health care reform is changing that equation. The shift away from fee-for service payment models and the expansion of coverage (at lower reimbursement rates) make volume growth a mixed blessing. Hospitals now must focus their growth efforts on procedures that are—and will continue to be—profitable.

Sophisticated data a ‘must’

To do this, hospitals need a data infrastructure capable of analyzing the profitability of discrete procedures and case settings, as well as the financial and operational performance of individual surgeons.

Our business intelligence platform enables robust performance benchmarking by providing detailed metrics from 240+ hospitals with 1.5+ million surgery cases. Our technology goes beyond OR information systems and vendor-provided tools to offer comparative analytics across profitability, cost, volume, and operations.

Download PDF See how we helped one hospital profile their orthopedic surgeons' performance to determine who to employ.

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