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Surgical procedures constitute only 11% of volumes but generate 40% of hospital profits, and they’ve never been more at risk. You’ll have to approach new decision makers—wholesale purchasers like commercial payers and employers, referring physicians, and activated patients—with proven and demonstrated excellence across the board.  We give you the  tools and expert support to do just that.

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Profitable robotic surgery – real or science fiction?

Robotic surgery has been hailed as the “future of surgery” and is rapidly being adopted by hospitals across the country. But are the extremely high upfront costs of purchasing a robot worth it?

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How to win when revenue depends on excellence, not volume

To capture surgical market share, you'll need to meet existing goals and master new priorities. We'll tell you how.

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Crimson Market Advantage

Enables hospitals to understand physician referring and performing patterns, the drivers of referral losses and gains, and the factors associated with physician loyalty.