How a patient-centered revenue cycle leads to lower debt

Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics 500-Bed System

Impact Highlights


Increase in year over year charity care provided


Reduction in early out costs

In the face of ballooning bad debt, the leadership at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics in Tyler, TX, tasked a working group with reducing their bad debt by 25%. Using analytics from Self-Pay Compass, the team was able to divide their self-pay population into collection groups, developing different strategies for each.

By focusing their efforts on point of service (POS) collections, patient loans, and charity care, the team was able to maximize their impact, and over the past year they have met their debt reduction goal and implemented a robust POS collection program.

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Data on patients' ability and propensity to pay from Self-Pay Compass enabled the team to target their collections and loans programs accordingly.

Patient Segmentation Leads to Changes in Behavior

Patient Segmentation Changes Behavior


Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics saw major bad debt reduction in one year, increasing its total charity delivered to patients by $11M and reducing early out vendor costs by 30% with the help of Self Pay Compass.

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