Closing the gap between expected and actual reimbursement

Topics: Revenue Cycle, Finance, Reimbursement

September 8, 2013  |  Payment Integrity Compass

Establishing Zero-Tolerance for Contract Discrepancies

The average hospital loses between 3% and 5% of its annual revenue to underpayments, denials, and suboptimal contract negotiations. As fee-for-service contracts continue to increase in complexity and risk-based contracting gains momentum, it's time to ensure you’re reimbursed accurately for the services you provide. Contracting expert Braden Decker shows you how to hold payers accountable.

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The Advisory Board’s Payment Integrity Compass helps hospitals optimize contract revenue for increasingly complex fee-for-service contracts and craft high yield risk-based contracts. For a closer look at how we can help your organization navigate reform-related reimbursement challenges, please contact Graham George at