Bellin Health System retrieved $2.2 million from payers

Bellin Health System | 2-facility system

Impact Highlights

$2.2 million

Dollars recovered by staff in one year using Payment Integrity Compass


Appeal success rate for accounts worked exclusively in Payment Integrity Compass

Bellin Health System, based in Green Bay, Wisc., recognized a need for a second line of defense to aid in recoveries that weren't successful with their Patient Account System (PAS).

When Bellin partnered with Payment Integrity Compass, the pair developed a workflow for their accounts: once patient financial services staff members had exhausted recovery efforts with PAS, they were sent to reimbursement specialists with Payment Integrity Compass.

This specialized staff reviewed the accounts and used the reporting capabilities available in Payment Integrity Compass to identify large payer trends, appeals those trends in bulk, and secure recoveries that would have otherwise been missed. 


The results?

Within the first year, Bellin steadily increased payments—reaching over $2.2 million in payer payments after appeal by April 2016.


Payer Payments after Appeal, May 2015 to April 2016
Payer Payments after Appeal